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Cool2Craft LIVE TV – it’s cool!

Cool2Craft LIVE TV - June 21, 2010Did you know that Mondays are the coolest crafting days? Every Monday you can tune-in right from your computer to watch live craft demos on Cool2Craft LIVE TV! Watch from your computer – join in the live text chat and ask your questions live.  It’s Cool2Craft LIVE interactive TV! Did I mention, it’s LIVE! Noon Eastern.

June 21, 2010 Featured Guests:

Sandy Laipply – Custom Cording – Click here to read more!

Lorine Mason – Child’s Sweatshirt Bolero Jacket – Click here to read more!

Ann Butler – Post-It Note Holder – Click here to read more!

Heidi Borchers – Water Bottle Pendant  – Click here to read more!

If you are a member of Facebook – click here to watch the LIVE show.

Everyone else can watch the LIVE show by clicking here!


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Sewing is Sizzling Hot!

Julia Roberts talks about sewing on Oprah - Clip from The InsiderDid you see Julia Roberts interviewed on Oprah yesterday? She let the world know that she has started taking sewing lessons and even described some cool stuff that she had sewn for her daughter Hazel, kid pillows and even a pair of pants for her husband. Oprah asked “That he actually wore?” LOL!

It’s so cool to hear about the growing interest in sewing again!  I have definitely been feeling the sewing bug lately as I’ve pulled out the machine and started planning what I want to sew first. I’m not talking craft sewing here! I’m getting back to my sewing roots and feeling the need to start stockpiling fabric that’s larger that fat quarter size :) Are you feeling the sewing vibe too???


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I’m a Craft G[l]eek!

Single Addicted Crafter


As I was watching Glee last night I was reminded how much I related to being a gleek.  While in high school, I felt invisible. I was so tiny that I still had to shop in the kids clothing section or, thankfully, make my own clothes. While everyone else enjoyed football games and other weekend sports, I worked on Friday nights and Saturdays at the local department store so that I could earn money to buy fabric. Every weeknight when I immersed myself in sewing, nothing else existed.  I LOVED picking out the fabrics, laying out the patterns, cutting and stitching and seeing a new creation emerge.  I was a below-average student and invisible geek (I can’t sing so I can’t even call myself a gleek :) but that didn’t matter because sewing was all that mattered to me. I don’t remember if anyone at school ever commented on my handmade creations but I felt on top of the world wearing them!  I was living in a world where clothing “labels” were just emerging so I doubt that anyone thought my handmade clothing was cool at the time.

That must be why when I was confronted several years ago (in the prime of  scrapbooking) with people telling me that I couldn’t use the word “crafts” to describe what I do, that I actually believed them. They told me that I should find a new word for crafts because it wasn’t cool to craft. And you know what, I actually bought in to that nonsense and spent years thinking that. Then one day I woke up and realized “THEY’RE WRONG!” It is COOL TO CRAFT and I’m going to tell the world. As a matter of fact, I’m going to shout it!

As many of you know, I’m on a campaign to find 1,000,000 people who, along with me, think it’s cool to craft. I know you’re out there! So far, 4,300+ cool crafters have raised their hands at the Cool2Craft Facebook page (they clicked on “Like”) to tell the world they think it’s cool to craft.  Even though that’s still a fraction of my goal, I’m perfectly OK with that because you can’t stop a crafter on a creative mission.

Let’s spread the word that it’s Cool2Craft!




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