Terrific Texture Techniques Class

My creative friend Linda Peterson has recently launched the coolest on-line LIVE classes at CrafTECH University. What I love about this format is that you can join live and watch Linda as she demos on webcam and craft right along with her. Then if you have any questions you can ask them live by webcam, my microphone or by phone. It’s really cool!

I have a long list of classes that I plan to teach through CrafTECH University and I have one class that is available right now for purchase on-demand. As many of you know, I LOVE texture paste so I have taped a one-hour class that features all my favorite techniques with texture including spreading, stenciling, sanding, combing, marbling and painting. If you want to learn how to use texture paste in your crafting, this is the class to watch!

To purchase my Terrific Texture Techniques on-demand class, click here! I also have a sampler kit available which includes Texture Magic, two stencils and a palette knife – click here!


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