Sewing is Sizzling Hot!

Julia Roberts talks about sewing on Oprah - Clip from The InsiderDid you see Julia Roberts interviewed on Oprah yesterday? She let the world know that she has started taking sewing lessons and even described some cool stuff that she had sewn for her daughter Hazel, kid pillows and even a pair of pants for her husband. Oprah asked “That he actually wore?” LOL!

It’s so cool to hear about the growing interest in sewing again!  I have definitely been feeling the sewing bug lately as I’ve pulled out the machine and started planning what I want to sew first. I’m not talking craft sewing here! I’m getting back to my sewing roots and feeling the need to start stockpiling fabric that’s larger that fat quarter size :) Are you feeling the sewing vibe too???



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2 responses to “Sewing is Sizzling Hot!

  1. yay Julia – love her!!

  2. I recently took a garment construction techiques class at Parson’s “The New School” in New York City and was shocked that more than half of the class did not know how to sew (anything!!!). Only two people in the class of fifteen had ever sewn a complete garment. So sad that most schools have eliminated their sewing instruction. I think we have Project Runway to thank for the new interest in sewing. Would love to see a picture of the pants Julia Roberts made for her husband!

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