Feelin’ Cool on Mondays!

Cool2Craft LIVE TV - May 17, 201Can you tell that I am totally immersed in Cool2Craft these days. I just love my Mondays. I get to visit with the coolest crafters and learn all sorts of new stuff. And I always love the Mondays when I get to demo too! Today’s Cool2Craft LIVE interactive TV was filled with lots of great demos.

Just in case you missed today’s show, here is the link to watch the entire episode in our playback room or if you prefer. . . here’s the links to the demo segments that were posted on the Cool2Craft YouTube channel including how to. . . create the coolest altered art wood Wish Block by Elizabeth Diamond, Make Healthy Fun Container Garden Ideas by Joan Fee, create Friendly Plastic Splash Nugget Beads by Linda Peterson and Easy Stenciling with freezer paper by Tiffany Windsor. Eileen Hull and Julianna Hudgins also reported from the National Stationery Show in New York but the air card connection was spotty so we’re going to wait for Eileen to check in LIVE on next Monday’s show so we can get the full scoop!

The coolest thing about watching Cool2Craft LIVE is that you can ask the guests questions right after their demos – LIVE in the chatroom! It’s cool!

I always like to give my guests a big shout out and invite you to visit their blogs and websites:

Elizabeth Diamond – www.creatingintentions.com

Joan Fee – www.makehealthyfun.com

Tiffany Windsor – www.cool2craft.com

Linda Peterson – www.lindapetersondesigns.blogspot.com and www.craftechuniversity.com

Eileen Hull – www.eileenhull.blogspot.com


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