I’m a Craft G[l]eek!

Single Addicted Crafter


As I was watching Glee last night I was reminded how much I related to being a gleek.  While in high school, I felt invisible. I was so tiny that I still had to shop in the kids clothing section or, thankfully, make my own clothes. While everyone else enjoyed football games and other weekend sports, I worked on Friday nights and Saturdays at the local department store so that I could earn money to buy fabric. Every weeknight when I immersed myself in sewing, nothing else existed.  I LOVED picking out the fabrics, laying out the patterns, cutting and stitching and seeing a new creation emerge.  I was a below-average student and invisible geek (I can’t sing so I can’t even call myself a gleek :) but that didn’t matter because sewing was all that mattered to me. I don’t remember if anyone at school ever commented on my handmade creations but I felt on top of the world wearing them!  I was living in a world where clothing “labels” were just emerging so I doubt that anyone thought my handmade clothing was cool at the time.

That must be why when I was confronted several years ago (in the prime of  scrapbooking) with people telling me that I couldn’t use the word “crafts” to describe what I do, that I actually believed them. They told me that I should find a new word for crafts because it wasn’t cool to craft. And you know what, I actually bought in to that nonsense and spent years thinking that. Then one day I woke up and realized “THEY’RE WRONG!” It is COOL TO CRAFT and I’m going to tell the world. As a matter of fact, I’m going to shout it!

As many of you know, I’m on a campaign to find 1,000,000 people who, along with me, think it’s cool to craft. I know you’re out there! So far, 4,300+ cool crafters have raised their hands at the Cool2Craft Facebook page (they clicked on “Like”) to tell the world they think it’s cool to craft.  Even though that’s still a fraction of my goal, I’m perfectly OK with that because you can’t stop a crafter on a creative mission.

Let’s spread the word that it’s Cool2Craft!





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3 responses to “I’m a Craft G[l]eek!

  1. I agree, Tiffany. Although I wasn’t too crafty as a child besides the basic stuff, when I got married and everyone else had high powered jobs, I was home with my baby crafting (and yes sewing) because we just didn’t have the money. I cross stitched many of my friend’s wedding samplers and matted and framed them because it was relatively inexpensive to do on our military post. This got me started on a love that is still alive and strong for crafting in all forms. I’m with you. Let’s shout it out!

  2. I think a lot of people have felt invisible at some point, but for the popular people now, that didn’t stop them from trying. :) Perseverance pays off.

  3. great post – my mission is to fuzz up that line between “art” and “craft” and encourage everyone to find some kind of creative expression – ‘cuz all creativity is COOL!!

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