I’m the Luckiest Craft Girl Alive!

Cool2Craft LIVE TV - May 3, 2010Can I just say that I think I am the luckiest craft girl alive? Every Monday I host Cool2Craft LIVE interactive TV and invite my crafty friends to demonstrate how to make the coolest projects. So, each week I am learning a new craft technique, project or designer secret. What could be better than immersing myself in the creative world that I LOVE surrounded by the crafters I adore and admire? So this week I got to learn how to….use magazine clippings to make a purse, the right way to open jump rings, who won the Sizzix ScoreBoards tea cup blog hop, decorating ideas for a blank canvas book from C&T Publishing and the coolest way to create a color palette.

So, I’m doing the happy craft dance right now! then I’m headed off to craft!

Ann Butler – www.creativitystirsthesoul.com

Brenda Pinnick – www.brendapinnick.com

Eileen Hull – www.eileenhull.blogspot.com

Linda Peterson – www.lindapetersondesigns.blogspot.com

Lisa Fulmer – www.ctpub.com and www.lisalizalou.com



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2 responses to “I’m the Luckiest Craft Girl Alive!

  1. aww Tiffany- we are the lucky ones! Love the way you are tiling the photos BTW!

  2. You’re the bomb-diggity, Tiffany! Thanks for letting us all play in your sandbox! <3<3<3

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