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I’m Inspired by Cool2Craft

Cool2Craft LIVE TV - May 31, 2010I have been learning about so many cool new ideas on Cool2Craft LIVE interactive TV. There is nothing better than getting together with your favorite creative girlfriends and sharing your creative ideas. What’s so cool about the great guests who join me on Cool2Craft is that we each have an interest in a different segment of the crafting world so it’s so very cool to see the ideas shared each week. Watching Linda create adorable clay characters inspires me to try something that I wouldn’t try if I just sat down with an instruction book, Lisa shares the coolest designer tips and secrets and EcoHeidi just plain inspires me!

Just in case you missed today’s show, here is the link to watch the entire episode in the playback room or if you prefer. . . here’s the links to the demo segments that are posted on the Cool2Craft YouTube channel including how to. . . create the most adorable whimsical turtle from polymer clay by Linda Peterson, it’s recycling magic when Eco Heidi Borchers transforms a metal washer into a cool pendant, Lisa Fulmer shares the coolest techniques for creating patterns with acrylic paint and Tiffany Windsor shares this week’s Too Cool! idea – tattered floral water bottle bracelets inspired by EcoHeidi.

The coolest thing about watching Cool2Craft LIVE is that you can ask the guests questions right after their demos – LIVE in the chatroom! It’s cool!

Monday May 31, 2010 guest web/blog links:

Linda Peterson –

Lisa Fulmer –

Heidi Borchers –

Tiffany Windsor –


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It’s Momma Aleene Day!

Aleene's Wood FibreFirst a sighting of Aleene’s Tacky Glue on Glee last night and today we received a gift for the Aleene’s Museum! Donna Brawdy of Pittsburgh, PA found these packages of original Aleene’s Wood Fibre in her old flower making supplies and sent them to me. Thank you Donna!  We’ve added this photo to the Aleene Jackson Craft Musuem! If you don’t know about wood fibre, you might enjoy reading the story of how Momma Aleene started her artificial flower business – just click on the year 1954.


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GLEE[K] Glue!

We love it when Momma Aleene’s Tacky Glue makes cameos. Last night Tacky showed up on the Gaga Glee episode in two scenes!  YEAH!

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Sewing is Sizzling Hot!

Julia Roberts talks about sewing on Oprah - Clip from The InsiderDid you see Julia Roberts interviewed on Oprah yesterday? She let the world know that she has started taking sewing lessons and even described some cool stuff that she had sewn for her daughter Hazel, kid pillows and even a pair of pants for her husband. Oprah asked “That he actually wore?” LOL!

It’s so cool to hear about the growing interest in sewing again!  I have definitely been feeling the sewing bug lately as I’ve pulled out the machine and started planning what I want to sew first. I’m not talking craft sewing here! I’m getting back to my sewing roots and feeling the need to start stockpiling fabric that’s larger that fat quarter size :) Are you feeling the sewing vibe too???


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Pajama Party LIVE!

Welcome to the Pajama Party It's almost time LOGOAs many of you know, I launched the Inspired at Home Pajama Party last year as a place for crafters from all over the world to drop by and share their creativity. It’s the coolest format where you can watch the Party right on your computer and join in the live text chat and if you like, come on webcam and share your creative projects.

Maria Nerius has been the Pajama Party host since almost the beginning and brought her amazing creative style and hair curlers to each week’s party.  Last week, Maria announced that she was moving on from her party hosting duties. Maria is an amazing crafter, has the most generous spirit and gift for sharing her creative adventures and she will be dearly missed by her adoring fans (who can keep in touch with her through her Facebook page).

So, that brings me to this week’s announcement of the coolest team of Party Girls who will be sharing the Pajama Party hosting duties! For those of you in the creative world, these are familiar names and faces who drop in to the Pajama Party on a regular basis:

Lisa Fulmer Lisa Fulmer – you know her as the singing party girl!  Lisa brings her own unique style and exuberance to the Pajama Party! She is also the one to thank for all the super giveaways each week! Lisa is the Marketing Manager at C&T Publishing, a regular guest on Cool2Craft LIVE TV and you can find her cool projects and shop for great products at her site – or visit her blog –

Linda PetersonLinda Peterson has been a designer in the industry for the past 18 years and is the author of over 10 craft how-to books. Her specialties are polymer clay and the fan favorite Friendly Plastic.  She is a regular guest on Cool2Craft LIVE TV and has just launched CrafTECH University where she is gathering the coolest teachers to present on-line LIVE craft classes. Here’s a few of the places where you can check out Linda’s creative work –,,, .

Heidi Borchers

Heidi Borchers has been trimming trash, decorating discards and glittering garbage long before it became a crafting trend. She has been creating thousands of designs for dozens of craft books and television for most of her life. I am proud to call her my sister! Heidi’s passion is eco crafting and she makes regular appearances of Cool2Craft LIVE TV and is a featured reporter on FaveCrafts Radio. Heidi’s newest Starbuck’s Coffee Cup artwork and a gallery of her creative work can be found on her website at and her blog

Andrea CurrieAndrea Currie is an avid independent crafter, designer and internet craft show host who loves the challenge of crafting everyday and special occasion crafts using recycled, found, daily life and cultural items in her projects. She hosts Craftastic LIVE on Tuesday nights where she shares her creative works. Andrea has an amazing enthusiasm for creativity and a laugh and smile that lights up the creative world! Visit Andrea at her website

Cynthia GagenCynthia Gagen began her crafty journey through life at a very early age as she sat by her mother’s side and learned how to unleash her creativity. Despite some twists and turns she was brought back to her creative side following a car accident that taught her to cherish her passions. The more she crafted, the happier and healthier she became. She dabbles  in a little bit of everything but some favorites are collage, paper quilling, silk ribbon embroidery, and jewelry making. You can visit Cynthia at her blog –

These amazing and creative party girls look forward to seeing you at the Pajama Party on Wednesday nights at 9 pm Eastern (8 pm Central, 7 pm Mountain, 6 pm Pacific). Facebook Members Log-in: Web Log-in:


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Feelin’ Cool on Mondays!

Cool2Craft LIVE TV - May 17, 201Can you tell that I am totally immersed in Cool2Craft these days. I just love my Mondays. I get to visit with the coolest crafters and learn all sorts of new stuff. And I always love the Mondays when I get to demo too! Today’s Cool2Craft LIVE interactive TV was filled with lots of great demos.

Just in case you missed today’s show, here is the link to watch the entire episode in our playback room or if you prefer. . . here’s the links to the demo segments that were posted on the Cool2Craft YouTube channel including how to. . . create the coolest altered art wood Wish Block by Elizabeth Diamond, Make Healthy Fun Container Garden Ideas by Joan Fee, create Friendly Plastic Splash Nugget Beads by Linda Peterson and Easy Stenciling with freezer paper by Tiffany Windsor. Eileen Hull and Julianna Hudgins also reported from the National Stationery Show in New York but the air card connection was spotty so we’re going to wait for Eileen to check in LIVE on next Monday’s show so we can get the full scoop!

The coolest thing about watching Cool2Craft LIVE is that you can ask the guests questions right after their demos – LIVE in the chatroom! It’s cool!

I always like to give my guests a big shout out and invite you to visit their blogs and websites:

Elizabeth Diamond –

Joan Fee –

Tiffany Windsor –

Linda Peterson – and

Eileen Hull –

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It’s Cool2Craft on Mondays!

Cool2Craft LIVE TVDid you know that Mondays are the coolest crafting days? Every Monday you can tune-in right from your computer to watch live craft demos on Cool2Craft LIVE TV! Watch from your computer – join in the live text chat and ask your questions live.  It’s Cool2Craft LIVE interactive TV! Did I mention, it’s LIVE!

May 17, 2010 Featured Guests:

Elizabeth Diamond – Altered Wood Block – Click here to read more!

Joan Fee – Make Healthy Fun! – Click here to read more!

Linda Peterson – Friendly Plastic Splash Nugget Beads  – Click here to read more!

Tiffany Windsor – Easy Stenciling on Wearables – Click here to read more!

Eileen Hull & Julianna Hudgins – LIVE from the National Stationery Show in New York

If you are a member of Facebook – click here to watch the LIVE show.

Everyone else can watch the LIVE show by clicking here!

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