Friendly Plastic Fusion Illusion Class!

Friendly Plastic Fusion Illusion with Linda PetersonI am so excited to announce that my creative friend Linda Peterson has just announce an exciting new on-line LIVE Friendly Plastic class! This is so cool because you will be able to watch Linda live on video and craft right along with her.

This on-line LIVE on video foundation class is highly recommended for beginners. Basic Friendly Plastic techniques. You will learn how to use various heating elements and apply those skills to fusing plastic elements together to create mosaic or dichroic effects in Friendly Plastic.  Learn Linda’s secret tips that she only shares in class!  The techniques you learn in this class are essential to your future Friendly Plastic project success! As a bonus, Linda will show you how to create set your focal piece into a faux silver pendant.

Click here for all the details of how you can sign-up and how you can pre-purchase your class supplies!


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