A.C. Moore In-Store Make ‘n Take

I had the great pleasure to go to the A.C. Moore store in Greenville, NC yesterday on behalf of Aleene’s Tacky Glue/iLovetoCreate. OMG!! What fun I had sharing the vintage Aleene’s Forged Foil technique with the shopping customers. They were HUNGRY to learn new crafting techniques and jumped at the chance to sit down and craft hands-on. And when there were not more chairs available they stood! They kept saying “I’ve never seen anything like this! This is so much fun!” “This gives me so many ideas!”

So what does this tell me? We MUST, MUST, MUST get the craft consumer engaged in face-to-face crafting. When I quizzed them about this project being available on-line, they asked “How would I know what to find?” “I wouldn’t even know where to look, what to call it or if I would like it!”

Again – what does this tell me??? What I’ve known all along! That we must get back to the basics of teaching face-to-face and encouraging and support them every step of the process. There is nothing better than seeing the excitement of young and old when they have crafted for the first time or the 1,000th time!

I also saw that teens and tweens are hungry to craft.  The teens were eager to sit down and craft with their mothers or grandmothers. Unfortunately, the tweens seemed to be kept on a tight schedule because time and time again when I invited them to sit down and craft, their mother’s consistently said they didn’t have enough time. Interesting! I also asked everyone I could if this was the first visit to this store (this A.C. Moore in Greenville, NC had just opened a few weeks ago). Several said it was their first time to this new store but I was pleased to hear how many were back for their 2nd and 3rd visits.

Also, we must educate the store staff. For many of them, “crafts” were new to them, having just been hired from other industries including food and clothing retail. One of the front-end supervisors had managed a scrapbook store so she immediately saw the cross-over in wanting to use this cool technique on her scrapbooking pages.  This staff took their breaks to come and sit down and craft and they were so excited.  For those staff who could not sit down, I left supplies so that their co-workers could teach them! Jamie (pictured to right) even came up with her own idea of what to foil – a box that she had been planning on to cover with gift-wrap paper!

So, I had the most wonderfully amazing day doing what I LOVE which is connecting face-to-face with the craft consumer!

It was awesome!

Thank you iLovetoCreate and Aleene’s Tacky Glue for making this possible!


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One response to “A.C. Moore In-Store Make ‘n Take

  1. Tiffany,
    All the hard work you have done over the past months is paying off–bigtime. Your excitement and enthusiasm are bringing in genrations of new crafters. Congratulations!

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