It’s Cool2Craft and I’m Addicted!

Can I just say that I am totally addicted to crafting?  Creativity fills every part of my being with the most amazing rush! That’s why I decided about a year ago to do everything and anything it would take (did I really make that commitment?) to totally dedicate myself to my creative world by reaching out and gathering other creative souls to share their creativity too.

Ah, so that brings me to Cool2Craft LIVE. That’s my webTV show that airs LIVE every Monday at noon Eastern. This is the place where I gather my creative friends and family to demo cool crafting projects on webcam.  Did I mention it’s LIVE? That’s what I love about these cool apps that are available on the internet – it’s so cool to connect LIVE with your family and friends and especially your creative family and friends.

So, if you haven’t had the opportunity to watch the show yet, I hope you “tune in” this Monday at 12 noon Eastern (that would be 11 am central, 10 am mountain and 9 am pacific – yep! rise and shine!).

For anyone who misses the live show – we have you covered! You can watch the entire archived episodes via replay for 5 weeks after the original airing via Facebook at > Previous Discussions.

After that,  you can watch the demo clips on my Cool2Craft channel on YouTube. See you Monday!


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