FaveCrafts Radio – Sunday April 11, 2010

It’s another jam packed episode of FaveCrafts Radio this Sunday night. Hope you can join us! Listen live from your computer at 7 pm Eastern.

Donna Dewberry is best known for her One Stroke Painting program which she created at her dining room table. Plaid Enterprises found her about 17 years ago. Dewberry Crafts is an education company and One Stroke is now in over 47 countries and has over 7,000 One Stroke certified instructors. In this episode, Donna will talk about her One Stroke program, her family and what she sees as the future in painting.

Jo Packham is the creator and editor-in-chief of Where Women Create – Inspiring Workspaces of Extraordinary Women and co-founder of The Creative Connection Event in Minneapolis, MN September 16 – 18, 2010.  In this episode, Jo and co-founder Nancy Soriano will be talking about The Creative Connection Event in Minneapolis, the purpose of the event, the keynote speakers, the teachers, panelist, classes, panels, the HandMade market, the vendors and events taking place in the 3 days.

Chasity Gordon was born and raised in Georgia and has studied printmaking, bookmaking, ceramics, and performance/installation arts. She loves making things and designing projects that are fun to make, and easy to follow along. For her, making and using handmade things adds texture and depth to her life everyday. In this episode, Chasity will be talking about belle and burger, the place where she shares her creative life, presents tips for crafting and tutorials for projects.

FaveCrafts reporter Jennifer Blevins will be talking about the prom trend and Brenda Pinnick has us seeing green with this week’s color report.

Join us this Sunday night at 7 pm Eastern – FaveCrafts Radio! If you are busy with weekend happenings, you can listen to the archived podcast 24/7 or download it for free from iTunes.



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2 responses to “FaveCrafts Radio – Sunday April 11, 2010

  1. Pat

    I’m wishing that these were also video like the pajama party. Can’t wait to listen in though.

  2. Be sure to watch the Cool2Craft webTV shows on Mondays at noon Eastern to see many of the radio guests demo live on-line! http://www.cool2craft.com

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