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Cool2Craft LIVE tv – Monday May 3, 2010

Featured Guests Project on Cool2Craft LIVE tv Monday May 3, 2010Join me Monday at noon Eastern for the coolest LIVE demos! Watch from your computer – join in the live text chat. It’s Cool2Craft LIVE interactive TV!

May 3, 2010 Featured Guests:

Lisa Fulmer – Fabric Scrapbooking – Click here to read more!

Ann Butler – Purseonally Green Purse – Click here to read more!

Brenda Pinnick – The Magic of Three – Click here to read more!

Linda Peterson –Jewelry Basics – Click here to read more!

Eileen Hull – ScoreBoards by Sizzix Blog Hop Winner Announcement – Click here to read more!

If you are a member of Facebook – click here to watch the LIVE show.

Everyone else can watch the LIVE show by clicking here!

Monday May 3, 2010 Noon Eastern (11 am Central, 10 am Mountain, 9 am Pacific)


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Friendly Plastic Fusion Illusion Class!

Friendly Plastic Fusion Illusion with Linda PetersonI am so excited to announce that my creative friend Linda Peterson has just announce an exciting new on-line LIVE Friendly Plastic class! This is so cool because you will be able to watch Linda live on video and craft right along with her.

This on-line LIVE on video foundation class is highly recommended for beginners. Basic Friendly Plastic techniques. You will learn how to use various heating elements and apply those skills to fusing plastic elements together to create mosaic or dichroic effects in Friendly Plastic.  Learn Linda’s secret tips that she only shares in class!  The techniques you learn in this class are essential to your future Friendly Plastic project success! As a bonus, Linda will show you how to create set your focal piece into a faux silver pendant.

Click here for all the details of how you can sign-up and how you can pre-purchase your class supplies!

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Cool2Craft webTV – Monday April 26, 2010

Join me Monday at noon Eastern for the coolest LIVE demos! Watch from your computer – join in the live text chat. It’s Cool2Craft LIVE interactive webTV!

April 26, 2010 Featured Guests:

EcoHeidi Borchers – Mosaic Tile

Linda Peterson – Friendly Plastic Earrings

Sandy Laipply – Parkinson’s Quilt Project

Tiffany Windsor – Rolled Fabric Roses – YEP! I’m stepping up to the demo-cam!

If you are a member of Facebook – click here to watch the LIVE show.

Everyone else can watch the LIVE show by clicking here!

Monday April 26, 2010 Noon Eastern (11 am Central, 10 am Mountain, 9 am Pacific)

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Fave Crafts Radio – April 25, 2010

I can’t seem to stop myself! When it comes to booking my Sunday night radio shows, the line-ups seem to grow and grow! This Sunday’s FaveCrafts Radio show is super-charged with 10 guests!  Yep! I really did it this time!

Jenni Bowlin is the creative force behind Jenni Bowlin Studio – a boutique papercrafting manufacturer with a “vintage fresh” attitude.

Little Birdie Secrets was born from the crafting obsession of three friends – Stacy Clark, Jessica Myrup and Mandy Sybrowsky whose mission it is to share the wealth of fun projects and helpful tips they find!

Wendy Hyde is a busy wife and mother to 4 kids who works part-time from home as an editorial assistant, runs a photography business with her husband and blogs at The Shabby Nest about her love of all things home.

Carly Verble is an Etsy artist who creates an eyewear colleciton known as The Haus That Jane Built. Each pair of glasses are made to order guaranteeing a completely unique piece!

Ann Butler launches her new Organize This! report series. Getting organized can be a major production for some and as easy as putting things away for others.

Pat Sloan drops by with her FabChat report focusing on what’s new in the fabric world.

Jennifer Blevins reports on the Steampunk trend.

Candace Liccione reports on the benefits of mineral rich sea salts and shares the cutest mosaic Bath Jars for Mom.

Tune in Sunday April 25th at 7 pm Eastern for creative craft-chat on FaveCrafts Radio!

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EcoHeidi is Creatively Recyling on Earth Day and Every Day!

In celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, I want to shine the spotlight on my sister Heidi’s eco-work today!

Heidi has been decorating discards, trimming trash and glittering garbage way before the world starting celebrating Earth Day.  And true to her eco-focus, today she is volunteering to teach 75 kids from ages 2 – 6 how to create her EcoHeidi Green Bling Bracelets.

We love Heidi’s passion for raising awareness for creative recycling so I wanted to let you know that you can support her cause by purchasing one of her cool Green Bling Bracelet kits at the Cool2Craft Marketplace. It’s cool!

Visit Heidi at her website!

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Cool2Craft Boutique

Yippie! I have [finally] posted some fun jewelry for sale in the new Cool2Craft Boutique.

If you’re like me, your design room is probably filled with all sorts of cool handmades that have just been sitting around. Well, I decided to do something about it and get them posted. I’ve have hundreds more to photo and post but this is a good start!

Head on over and check ’em out!

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A.C. Moore In-Store Make ‘n Take

I had the great pleasure to go to the A.C. Moore store in Greenville, NC yesterday on behalf of Aleene’s Tacky Glue/iLovetoCreate. OMG!! What fun I had sharing the vintage Aleene’s Forged Foil technique with the shopping customers. They were HUNGRY to learn new crafting techniques and jumped at the chance to sit down and craft hands-on. And when there were not more chairs available they stood! They kept saying “I’ve never seen anything like this! This is so much fun!” “This gives me so many ideas!”

So what does this tell me? We MUST, MUST, MUST get the craft consumer engaged in face-to-face crafting. When I quizzed them about this project being available on-line, they asked “How would I know what to find?” “I wouldn’t even know where to look, what to call it or if I would like it!”

Again – what does this tell me??? What I’ve known all along! That we must get back to the basics of teaching face-to-face and encouraging and support them every step of the process. There is nothing better than seeing the excitement of young and old when they have crafted for the first time or the 1,000th time!

I also saw that teens and tweens are hungry to craft.  The teens were eager to sit down and craft with their mothers or grandmothers. Unfortunately, the tweens seemed to be kept on a tight schedule because time and time again when I invited them to sit down and craft, their mother’s consistently said they didn’t have enough time. Interesting! I also asked everyone I could if this was the first visit to this store (this A.C. Moore in Greenville, NC had just opened a few weeks ago). Several said it was their first time to this new store but I was pleased to hear how many were back for their 2nd and 3rd visits.

Also, we must educate the store staff. For many of them, “crafts” were new to them, having just been hired from other industries including food and clothing retail. One of the front-end supervisors had managed a scrapbook store so she immediately saw the cross-over in wanting to use this cool technique on her scrapbooking pages.  This staff took their breaks to come and sit down and craft and they were so excited.  For those staff who could not sit down, I left supplies so that their co-workers could teach them! Jamie (pictured to right) even came up with her own idea of what to foil – a box that she had been planning on to cover with gift-wrap paper!

So, I had the most wonderfully amazing day doing what I LOVE which is connecting face-to-face with the craft consumer!

It was awesome!

Thank you iLovetoCreate and Aleene’s Tacky Glue for making this possible!

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