FaveCrafts Radio – March 21, 2010

I have been SO busy over the past weeks setting up new guests for FaveCrafts Radio. The response has been so HUGE, the show is now booked through the end of May. Whew!

I love the medium of radio. There is something wonderfully creative about weaving together an interview. It inspires me to hear how other creative souls express their creativity and I learn SO much.  I couldn’t ask for a better way to spend my Sunday nights.

Here’s my guest line-up for this Sunday night March 21, 2010. I’ve expanded this episode to 90-minutes because this is a LONG list of guests :)

Mark Montano – announces the release of his new book The Big-Ass Book of Home Decor

Julianna Hudgins – “Where in the World is Jewels?” Julianna reports on her recent travels to the Camp Directors Event, Sizzix and behind the scenes at a recent video project.

Phyllis Serbes from ManyCreativeGifts.com shares her insights on crochet as part of a healthy lifestyle and talks about her monthly newsletter “Mind, Body, spirit, …and Crochet!

Susan Sorrell is a fiber artist who teaches on-line classes. Her pieces are whimsical, colorful and have a personal theme. Susan will be talking about how she comes up with her ideas and more!

FaveCrafts reporter Brenda Pinnick shares quick and easy solutions for bringing more color into your world in her Color Solutions report.

Hope you can join me and my special guests this Sunday night at 7 pm on FaveCrafts Radio.


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