Trying to Celebrate National Craft Month

I have been surprised to see how few Google Alerts have been coming up for the keywords “National Craft Month” so I decided to ask my wonderful PR company to see if they could book me a spot on the local television station to promote National Crafts Month.  We were all set to go live tomorrow at noon. Then the call arrived this morning that I am being bumped for March Madness (as in basketball). Don’t they know that it’s cool to craft? I’m now wondering if that’s the same challenge my other creative friends have had trying to let the world know that March is National Craft Month! I think basketball should move their Madness to another month.

So, we’ll try again next week before we run out of month :)

In the meantime, come celebrate National Craft Month with me at FaveCrafts Radio and Cool2Craft webTV!



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2 responses to “Trying to Celebrate National Craft Month

  1. M-C

    Too funny Tiffany! Perhaps if we all call ESPN, they will give us a free public service ad to run during March Madness! Obviously our excessive coolness is blinding them, LOL!

  2. That’s too bad! I agree, they should move March madness to another month, February finals maybe? :)

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