So, whatcha doing on Valentines Day?

A few of my creative friends are spending one-hour of their Valentine’s Day with me on Inspired at Home Radio!

Pat Sloan has been sewing since she was a child and quilting for over 14 years. Several years ago, she started to teach quilt making to others and then turned her skills to pattern designing. Pat found that she really enjoys designing and seeing how other quilters made her patterns. In 2000 Pat’s designs became so popular that she and her husband Gregg formed a design and publishing company called Pat Sloan & Co. In addition to designing and publishing her work, they now travel around the country teaching and showing her quilts to quilt guilds and quilt shops. Also, Pat has had her designs published in many national magazines, has written many books on quilting and has designed several lines of fabric for P&B Textiles. Visit her website to see all the Pat Sloan & Co. patterns.

Aleene Jackson is the woman who is credited as one of the founding pioneers of the craft industry and is a household name worldwide thanks to Aleene’s Tacky Glue. Aleene started her first business, a florist shop, at the age of 19. The year was 1944.

In this “best of Inspired at Home Radio” interview, Aleene talks about how she grew her business from a small local florist shop to being featured in Life Magazine as one of the fastest growing businesses of the early 1950’s.

Special Report:

Craft Concierge Maria Nerius shares her creative insights.


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