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And furthermore……

To answer some questions that came up tonight…Inspired at Home is still the heart and soul of my vision. We’re growing by leaps and bounds and spreading our wings into new endeavors. FaveCrafts Radio and Cool2Craft are my newest babies :)


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As many of you know, I launched Inspired at Home Radio on BlogTalkRadio in late April 2009 and each and every Sunday night since,  I have had the opportunity to interview the most wonderful creative souls.

Last month, I was named as a Featured Host at BlogTalkRadio which gives even greater visibility to craft talk radio.

Well, my BIG news in the radio world is that I am teaming up with FaveCrafts and will be launching FaveCrafts Radio on Sunday night March 7, 2010. I am so excited because this offers us a much larger audience reach to share our love for crafting and creativity!

Please join me on March 7th at 7 pm Eastern for our premiere episode! My confirmed guests are international craft spokesperson Julianna Hudgins, C&T Marketing Manager Lisa Fulmer, Craft Concierge and Pajama Party LIVE host Maria Nerius.

FaveCrafts Radio

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Yep….big announcements

Some weeks I feel like I work a zillion hours and don’t get anything measurable accomplished. But, here I am on Friday night thinking “it’s been a really good week”.  Here’s the first of my new announcements:

Monday March 1, 2010 12 noon (Eastern)

Cool2Craft LIVE interactive webTV hosted by Tiffany Windsor

It’s COOL TO CRAFT and we’re spreading the word!

Monday March 1, 2010 at noon Eastern marks the launch of the new season of Cool2Craft LIVE interactive webTV! [In the words of our coolest creative friend Lisa F. “It’s a craft jam on a web cam!”] Join in and watch from your computer from anywhere in the world.

This Facebook app* is THE COOLEST! All you need to do is go to and “allow” the app and then you’ll be able to join us to watch our LIVE shows. (Be sure to test your webcam and mic where prompted so if you want to ask questions live, you’ll be all set! Don’t want to go on webcam? No problem! You can ask questions in the live chatroom.)

On Cool2Craft LIVE, we have the coolest creative experts from all over the world who demonstrate and then answer your questions LIVE weekly!

Cool2Craft has an exciting list of [cool] guests to kick off our new season!

* CraftyChica Kathy Cano-Murillo will be sharing the world-wide launch of her new novel Waking up in the Land of Glitter.

* Heidi Borchers aka Eco Heidi will be premiering new Water Bottle Jewelry.

* Linda Peterson will show you have to make a simple rubber-stamped Friendly Plastic pendant.

* Maria Nerius shares the secrets to making wet-felted soap.

It’s really great to watch the weekly shows LIVE but if your schedule says otherwise, each show is recorded and archived so you can watch it at your leisure! Also, if you have friends that aren’t on Facebook, that’s ok because they can watch the show through this link – We’ve got you covered. It’s COOL!

Get Creative! Get Inspired! Be COOL!

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So, whatcha doing on Valentines Day?

A few of my creative friends are spending one-hour of their Valentine’s Day with me on Inspired at Home Radio!

Pat Sloan has been sewing since she was a child and quilting for over 14 years. Several years ago, she started to teach quilt making to others and then turned her skills to pattern designing. Pat found that she really enjoys designing and seeing how other quilters made her patterns. In 2000 Pat’s designs became so popular that she and her husband Gregg formed a design and publishing company called Pat Sloan & Co. In addition to designing and publishing her work, they now travel around the country teaching and showing her quilts to quilt guilds and quilt shops. Also, Pat has had her designs published in many national magazines, has written many books on quilting and has designed several lines of fabric for P&B Textiles. Visit her website to see all the Pat Sloan & Co. patterns.

Aleene Jackson is the woman who is credited as one of the founding pioneers of the craft industry and is a household name worldwide thanks to Aleene’s Tacky Glue. Aleene started her first business, a florist shop, at the age of 19. The year was 1944.

In this “best of Inspired at Home Radio” interview, Aleene talks about how she grew her business from a small local florist shop to being featured in Life Magazine as one of the fastest growing businesses of the early 1950’s.

Special Report:

Craft Concierge Maria Nerius shares her creative insights.

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I know! I know! It’s Super Bowl Sunday but my creative girlfriends and I aren’t going to let that get in the way of our Sunday Inspired at Home Radio Show!  My guests tonight are: Amy Anderson who will be talking about Mod Podge – Texas Wildflower Artist Linda Calvert Jacobson, Jennifer Blevins from shares this week’s trend report and Craft Concierge Maria Nerius tells us crafts are Rubbing Her the Right Way!

Amy Anderson - Mod Podge Rocks

Linda Calvert Jacobson

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Inspired a tHome LIVE webTVIt’s official! I’m launching the new season of Inspired at Home LIVE interactive webTV on Monday March 1, 2010.

In celebration of National Craft Month, we’re lining up some great guests including: CraftChica Kathy Cano-Murillo, Heidi Borchers aka EcoHeidi, Craft Concierge Maria Nerius, Eileen Hull, Linda Peterson and many more!

Tune in Monday March 1st at 12 o’clock noon Eastern (11 am Central, 10 am Mountain, 9 AM Pacific) – click here for more details!

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