I spent the day yesterday editing and posting video clips from the Inspired at Home Pajama Party which we held LIVE at the CHA Craft SuperShow on Friday January 22, 2010.

First, I want to send out a big hug and shout out to Eileen Hull for volunteering to video this event. Eileen went to each table while our Pajama Party host Maria Nerius interviewed each demonstrator LIVE on Facebook and captured some fun behind the scenes footage.

My favorite has to be Maria Nerius’ and Mike Assile’s Turtle Bunny Slipper Slide Dance video which had absolutely nothing to do with crafting but they were having such fun while I was busy with the event giveaways. Check out all the videos I posted for this event on YouTube.

My biggest hugs and gratitude goes out to our sponsors for this event: Sizzix & Momenta, Beacon Adhesives, Flower Soft, Walnut Hollow, iLovetoCreate, Glue Arts, Blumenthal Lansing, Plaid, Arnold Grummer and Provo Crafts (who provided the Yudu Machine for printing our event bags.) You guys and gals are the GREATEST!!!!!


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