Tiffiti Graffiti by Tiffany WindsorAs you may or may not know about me, I love to rubber stamp. But rubber stamping for me is about stamping on just about anything BUT paper.  Take this tee for instance. I love to stamps words, lots of words onto fabric. It’s that alter ego TiffitiGraffiti in me. I just can’t seem to stop tagging :) My hint for this type of graffiti is to first place blue low-mask painters tape on your fabric to get a straight line. (You could of course also decide that you don’t want a straight line!) I also use a cosmetic sponge to dab my paint onto the stamp. I seem to get crisper images that way.  Fabric paint is best to use because it dries soft. But I tend to grab for whatever I have which is usually acrylic paint which works just fine. It just dries stiffer. Once you wash and dry your fabric a few times, that paint softens right up which also gives it a great worn look. If you wanted to add more layers of graffiti, how about using a toothbrush or paintbrush to spatter more paint colors on your fabric? Or spray on some fabric dyes. The sky’s the limit! In my book, you can never do too much graffiti!

Tiffiti Graffiti Dragonfly Poem Shirt by Tiffany Windsor


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