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I spent the day yesterday editing and posting video clips from the Inspired at Home Pajama Party which we held LIVE at the CHA Craft SuperShow on Friday January 22, 2010.

First, I want to send out a big hug and shout out to Eileen Hull for volunteering to video this event. Eileen went to each table while our Pajama Party host Maria Nerius interviewed each demonstrator LIVE on Facebook and captured some fun behind the scenes footage.

My favorite has to be Maria Nerius’ and Mike Assile’s Turtle Bunny Slipper Slide Dance video which had absolutely nothing to do with crafting but they were having such fun while I was busy with the event giveaways. Check out all the videos I posted for this event on YouTube.

My biggest hugs and gratitude goes out to our sponsors for this event: Sizzix & Momenta, Beacon Adhesives, Flower Soft, Walnut Hollow, iLovetoCreate, Glue Arts, Blumenthal Lansing, Plaid, Arnold Grummer and Provo Crafts (who provided the Yudu Machine for printing our event bags.) You guys and gals are the GREATEST!!!!!


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Inspired at Home Radio – January 31, 2010

When I first launched the Inspired at Home Radio show, I planned out shows weeks and weeks in advance. There was a lot of pre-production work to do with web pages and show notes and such.  Well, here I am 9 months later and I’m sometimes planning the shows only days in advance.  I’m rather liking this unfoldment of not always knowing who I’m going to interview on Sunday, even though it is Friday and that’s certainly what has happened this week. Up until yesterday, I didn’t know who I would be interviewing on Sunday. But as trust would have it, the most amazing line-up of guests has appeared. I hope you can join me Sunday night!

Feature Guests: Terri O, Julianna Hudgins, Brenda Pinnick

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Plaid New Horizons Award 

Plaid New Horizons 2010I received the most amazing news. Something I didn’t see coming!

I was selected as one of three winners of the 2010 Plaid New Horizons Award. The winners were announced at the Designer Section meeting at the CHA Winter 2010 show last Tuesday night.

Plaid Enterprises has been supporting the designer community for many, many years. CHA Designer Members were invited to submit their entries based on describing their achievements as a professional artist/crafter and explaining how the award would enhance their career.

So, I did just that and WOW! I was one one the three winners announced on Tuesday! I will be focusing my award on continuing to build my social networking to promote and inspire crafters to create, create, create!

My BIG congratulations to Brenda Pinnick and Linda Jacobson who I have the honor of sharing this honor and title! YEAH! You go girls!


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Tiffiti Graffiti by Tiffany WindsorAs you may or may not know about me, I love to rubber stamp. But rubber stamping for me is about stamping on just about anything BUT paper.  Take this tee for instance. I love to stamps words, lots of words onto fabric. It’s that alter ego TiffitiGraffiti in me. I just can’t seem to stop tagging :) My hint for this type of graffiti is to first place blue low-mask painters tape on your fabric to get a straight line. (You could of course also decide that you don’t want a straight line!) I also use a cosmetic sponge to dab my paint onto the stamp. I seem to get crisper images that way.  Fabric paint is best to use because it dries soft. But I tend to grab for whatever I have which is usually acrylic paint which works just fine. It just dries stiffer. Once you wash and dry your fabric a few times, that paint softens right up which also gives it a great worn look. If you wanted to add more layers of graffiti, how about using a toothbrush or paintbrush to spatter more paint colors on your fabric? Or spray on some fabric dyes. The sky’s the limit! In my book, you can never do too much graffiti!

Tiffiti Graffiti Dragonfly Poem Shirt by Tiffany Windsor

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Mystery crafting project photo of the week from a hard-core crafter :) Can you guess what it is? Leave your guess in comments :)

(Answer will be posted Friday January 22, 2010)

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Sizzix Big ShotCan I just say, I love my Sizzix BigShot!

Last week I posted a mystery photo of this project in process (see January 8th post)! The mystery photo showed my shrink plastic letters face down on blue masking tape so that I could paint them.

Sizzix & Shrink It ButtonsI’m headed off to the CHA Craft SuperShow in Anaheim this week and I wanted to add some creative touches to my wardrobe.  On this shirt, I wanted to match the animal print of my scarf. So, I first grabbed my Sizzix Big Shot and my Boss-O dies and die cut the lettering.

Next I shunk the letters in my toaster oven (you can also use a heat gun if that’s easier.)

Then, I just used a foam brush and gave the back of my shrink plastic letters one swipe with acrylic paint.  I let the paint dry completely and then applied Aleene’s Tack It Over and Over Glue to the back. Be sure you let this glue dry overnight. When the glue is dry, it is clear but still very sticky so you just press the letters onto your tee. Remove them for washing and if needed, just reapply the Tack-It glue for the next time.

If you are going to be at the CHA Show, be sure to stop by and say hello! I’ll be at the Sizzix booth on Sunday afternoon and the iLovetoCreate booth on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Shrink plastic lettering created on my Sizzix


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Mystery crafting project photo of the week from a hard-core crafter :) (Answer will be posted Friday January 15, 2010)


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