Love illustration by Heidi Borchers

LOVE. What do love and chocolate syrup have in common?  One of my favorite pieces of advice is “When All Else Fails, Pour Love On It!” I don’t remember reading this somewhere else so I think it’s my own original piece of advice. I also don’t remember when I first started handing out this advice but it always seems to work. In fact, miracles can happen when you pour love on everything. Now, this isn’t always as easy as it seems. Especially at those times when you are fuming with anger. I wish that Love could be purchased in a bottle. Or better yet, a can – like the one that holds chocolate syrup. I’d call it Love Concentrate. You know, the kind that you only need to use a little of because it’s SO concentrated. It would be warm, soft and shimmery, reflect all the colors of the rainbow and smell like Heaven. I’d bottle it in every city of every state of every nation. I’d ship it near and far and wide and ….wait! I just remembered…everyone has their own Love to pour on every difficult and challenging situation. When All Else Fails, everyone can pour their own Love Concentrate. Well, I still like my own advice, and even though I won’t be boosting the economy from bottling and selling Love Concentrate, the world can get rich from my advice.

RECIPE FOR INSPIRATION. Sometimes the holiday season can test our patience and balance. When the next challenging situation walks across your path, just Pour Love On It. Believe me, it works miracles.


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