It all started when Maria was set to host her first Pajama Party LIVE on Facebook event. She decided that a few curlers in her hair would make her feel more comfortable on air. Then it grew to curlers and hats, and then curlers, hats and balloons, then curlers, hats, balloons and feathers.  Now Maria is on vacation in Germany and I have to fill in for her on-air.  Take a good look folks, because you won’t often see me sporting jingle bell antlers!

If the photo isn’t enough, you can always watch this show by clicking here.

We’re “on-air” every Wednesday night at 10 pm Eastern. I’d really like it if you join us. Download the Facebook app and join in the creative fun.


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One response to “SPORTING ANTLERS

  1. Beverlee Mossman

    Hi Tiffany I must say your jingle bell antlers are so cute It is always exciting to see what each PJ party each Wed. night will bering and all that we will share and learn. Thank you so much to You and Maria I have always loved crafting since I was a little girl. Hugs Love and Prayers Love BevinFL

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