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Love illustration by Heidi Borchers

LOVE. What do love and chocolate syrup have in common?  One of my favorite pieces of advice is “When All Else Fails, Pour Love On It!” I don’t remember reading this somewhere else so I think it’s my own original piece of advice. I also don’t remember when I first started handing out this advice but it always seems to work. In fact, miracles can happen when you pour love on everything. Now, this isn’t always as easy as it seems. Especially at those times when you are fuming with anger. I wish that Love could be purchased in a bottle. Or better yet, a can – like the one that holds chocolate syrup. I’d call it Love Concentrate. You know, the kind that you only need to use a little of because it’s SO concentrated. It would be warm, soft and shimmery, reflect all the colors of the rainbow and smell like Heaven. I’d bottle it in every city of every state of every nation. I’d ship it near and far and wide and ….wait! I just remembered…everyone has their own Love to pour on every difficult and challenging situation. When All Else Fails, everyone can pour their own Love Concentrate. Well, I still like my own advice, and even though I won’t be boosting the economy from bottling and selling Love Concentrate, the world can get rich from my advice.

RECIPE FOR INSPIRATION. Sometimes the holiday season can test our patience and balance. When the next challenging situation walks across your path, just Pour Love On It. Believe me, it works miracles.


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INSPIRED AT HOME RADIO – December 20, 2009 

Join me tonight for Inspired at Home Radio!

My feature guest is Amy Allen Clark, founder and creator of who will be sharing her last minute tips for making your home a holiday haven for family and friends.

Plus my favorite “best of” interviews with Jo Packham of Where Women Create Magazine and Jana Ewy Friendly Plastic designer extraordinaire!

I’ll be on-air LIVE at 7 pm Eastern (6 pm Central, 5 pm Mountain, 4 pm Pacific) Listen from your computer!

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It all started when Maria was set to host her first Pajama Party LIVE on Facebook event. She decided that a few curlers in her hair would make her feel more comfortable on air. Then it grew to curlers and hats, and then curlers, hats and balloons, then curlers, hats, balloons and feathers.  Now Maria is on vacation in Germany and I have to fill in for her on-air.  Take a good look folks, because you won’t often see me sporting jingle bell antlers!

If the photo isn’t enough, you can always watch this show by clicking here.

We’re “on-air” every Wednesday night at 10 pm Eastern. I’d really like it if you join us. Download the Facebook app and join in the creative fun.

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You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”  -Maya Angelou-

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OK, I admit it, I’m a hard-core crafter.  I love anything and everything about crafting. I love getting paint on my hands, ink under my fingernails, brushing, tearing, gluing, globbing, cutting and making a big mess on my craft table. I also love sharing. So that’s why I’m here. I’m sharing crafting.  Sometimes it’s my crafting, sometimes it’s others crafting. I’m sharing anything and everything that catches my fancy in the crafting world.  Welcome creative journeyers…..

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So I’m checking out my Facebook feed today and see a great photo posted by Jennifer Perkins from The Naughty Secretary Club. Her post is about making ice cream cone ornaments and I thought to myself “Wow isn’t this great, I remember a tree my mom decorated for me when I was a kid. This really brings back great memories.”

So I clicked on the link and low and behold – there staring back at me was me!

Jennifer had posted a photo she was inspired by from a 1961 issue of Better Homes and Gardens. Yep – that’s me in the photo! I’m vintage!

Because of Mom’s business (Aleene’s Tacky Glue) her designers would decorate our home every July so that the Aleene’s customers could tour our home and get ideas to take back to their stores for Christmas. Was this the start to Christmas in July – I don’t know!

Each of my brothers and sisters and I had our “assignments” to stand in our rooms while the customers toured the house.  We would have to describe to them how the crafts were made. (Yes, I think it was called child labor.)  Actually, this is where I got my first taste and passion for hard-core crafting and understanding how exciting crafting was for so many.

Besides being absolutely in love with my ice cream cone tree and crazy for that poodle on the floor, all I can tell you was that as a kid, it was really confusing to have Christmas in July and in December!

Thanks Jennifer for giving me some good memories and a good laugh today!

Here’s the link to Jennifer’s contemporary take on a vintage classic!

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Why do you keep typing WOOHOO in your posts on Facelift?”
-my mother Aleene-

[P.S. you can friend her on Facebook – Aleene Jackson]

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